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AWC Modality Price List for Non-NHS work 
Effective 1st February 2018
Charges include VAT where applicable
Item of service  Charge
Private MED3 /school/short certificate/ simple letter incl TWIM £20.00
More complicated certificates/letters (GP discretion) £45.00
DVLA Form sign / report  £25.00
Passport form & photo  £25.00
Holiday cancellation certificate £45.00
Fitness to travel certificate/fly £30.00
Fitness statement (to travel - sports)  £40.00
Pilot application £45.00
Seat Belt Exemption  £40.00
Shotgun Licence Certificate £45.00
Photocopying per page £0.50
Private prescriptions £15.00
Private health insurance £45.00
Viewing computerised medical records (copying additional - see copy charge) £12.00
Viewing manual / mix medical records (copying additional - see copy charge) £60.00
Mortgage/Loan/Credit Card Protection £30.00
Miscellaneous report  £65.00
Detailed report and opinion (private) £150.00
Insurance form/report (refer to Note 1 below) £150.00
Targeted Report  £45.00
If additional information requested / supplementary info: fee per request £45.00
Sickness/Accident Insurance Benefit Claim Form/letter £40.00
HGV/PSV/Taxi driver (SHS medical report)  £120.00
Pre-employment medicals  £120.00
Foster Care Medical Examinations refer to schedule
Medical consultation or hourly rate  £45 for 10 min GP consultation or 1st 10 min work; £2.50/minute or £25/10 minutes thereafter;  hourly rate £170
Adoption (parent) refer to schedule
Ofsted (childminding) £105.00
All other medicals/full medical examination and report £160.00
Power of Attorney  £120.00
Paternity testing (Per unit of work)  £46.20
Freedom from infection cert £20.00
Vaccination Cert  £20.00
Private vaccinations - price on application 
  It is an unfortunate reflection of the growing pressure on Primary Care that we have had to review, and in some cases increase, our fees for non-NHS work.  
  Pressure on GP appointments and limited capacity mean that responding to requests to undertake non-core contractual work has to be compensated as the core work (ill patients) does not simply "go away".  The clinical time as well as the opportunity cost  of not being able to see and treat other patients in accordance with our core contract within standard working day is reflected within the charges set.   
  In reviewing and setting its fees, the Practice has consulted BMA guidance www.bma.org.uk/advice/employment/fees/fee-finder and benchmarked with national and local averages to ensure fees are appropriate.  
  For further information on GP fees, please see BMA advice www.bma.org.uk/advice/employment/fees/why-gps-charge-fees  


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