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NHS England data collection

Fit notes are also known as a ‘Statement of fitness for work’ or a ‘Med3 form’ and were introduced in April 2010 replacing the ‘sick note’. Doctors issue fit notes to people to record the advice they have given about their fitness for work. 
From January 2016 we will start to collect anonymous data on fit notes issued in England. We will start publishing the data from spring 2016. 
These documents explain:  
  • why we are collecting the data
  • what we will collect
  • how we will collect it
  • how we will deal with it

The data will help us to gain a better understanding of sickness absence and develop policy to help people with health conditions return to work earlier. 
We know that for the majority of people, work can be good for their health. Understanding more about sickness absences will allow us to provide services where they are most needed to support patients, their families and communities.



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